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Introdução ao programa

Workshop A Igualdade de Género no Reinventar de Lideranças

Simpósio Internacional (Re)Inventando Lideranças: Género, Educação e Poder

Workshop Mulheres e Liderança

Workshop Literacia de Mulheres para a Liderança

Encontro Entre Redes

Workshop Literacy of Women for Leadership

Workshop Women and Leadership

Documentos de Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo sobre esta temática


Programa: Literacia, Mulheres e Liderança

Workshop Literacy of Women for Leadership

Date: May 9-10, 2006
Location: Zagreb, Croatia


General objectives of the Program Literacy Women Leadership are:

-To construct modules Literacy of Women for Leadership adapted to local and national realities;
-To realize processes of action research in interaction with transnational partner- organisations, groups and networks of women.

The workshop will be “composed” with the experiences and knowledge of the participants. Narrative knowledge will be valued as a basic component in the process of constructing new theory.

The workshop starts from the experiences of the participants with power and leadership, in the institutions where they are working as well as in life in general.

Leadership will be analysed in the perspectives of power with, and power in order to. Power with is power that promotes the participation of all. Power in order to is power that contributes to the increase of the quality of life and the satisfaction of basic needs of people: clients of services, target groups in projects, populations that are influenced by social, economical and cultural policies.

Basic needs are taken into consideration. Both material (food, health, clothing, shelter, environment, consumption) as well as non-material needs (education, communication, culture, science).

The concept and practises of power over will be questioned: does this type of leadership mean that it leaves little or no responsibility to people, while reducing them to tasks of executing the decisions of others?

Sharing of experience, critical reflection, deepening of theoretical insights as well as planning of action will be part of the process. Narrative knowledge will be valued as a basic component in the process of constructing knowledge.

Participants in this Workshop are Members of the network of the Centre for Women’s Studies, Zagreb.

General Program Outline

Tuesday, May 9th 2006

Introduction on the ongoing research project Literacy of Women for Leadership in the context of the Foundation Caring for the Future

Introduction to the workshop by Ine van Emmerik

Cultural Circle on power and leadership

Lecture by Marijke de Koning based on her publications on conscientization processes of women for societal change

The conscientization method: practical experience

Group reflection, questions and discussion

Wednesday, May 10th 2006

Reflection on the experience of the first day of the workshop and formulation of themes to work upon

Women and leadership: what is caring leadership, in which contexts?

Formulation of perspectives for action

Organisation and Coordination:
Foundation Caring for the Future (Portugal) Marijke de Koning; Extravaleren (Netherlands) Ine van Emmerik; in partnership with the Centre for Women’s Studies, Zagreb


Rua Luciano Cordeiro nº 24, 6º A e B, 1150-215 Lisboa, Portugal. Telefone: 213 149 206 Fax: 213 142 514 E-mail: info@fcuidarofuturo.pt